What are your COVID-19 safety protocols?
  1. We will only attend homes that have been deemed ‘safe’ and all ‘homes must be vacant’ during the shoot!
  2. Our photographers have been instructed, that it is appropriate to leave the appointment if they encounter conditions that they deem ‘not to be safe’ for themselves or others and normal ‘onsite cancellation fees’ will apply!
  3. The home must be 100% show ready, with all lights turned on, toilet lids closed and staged as you would like it to appear. This will ensure limited touches onsite by our LooOK INside team members.
How much lead time do I need to complete a booking? Can I book a specific time?
  1. With our Booking System, you have full control and flexibility to book your own appointments.
    • Select the Region where your property is located, and the calendar shows which Dates are available in that Region.
    • Once you select the Date, then the available Times will show up, for you to select the one that works best for you.
  2. Our Calendar locks at 5pm for the following day, but up until 5pm, if there are time slots available for the following day, you will be able to book them.
  3. After 5pm, any date except the following is available for booking, according to the open availability in each Region.
When will I receive my iGUIDE Package?

Pictures will be delivered by 11 am next day and the iGuide (virtual tour/floor plans/room measurements) will be delivered by end of next day.

How is the rate determined?

LooOK INside rates are based on the ‘package you order’ and the ‘total number of square feet’ you select at the time of booking. Please note that rates increase $50 per every 500 sq ft.

  • Please note and as per our Terms of Service, any Incremental Charges related to Extra Square Feet, based on the Total Billable Area per property (versus what was provided on original order request), will be processed up to 45 days after the appointment.
  • I.E. Square Footage was booked up to 2500 sq. ft., but had an actual Total Billable Area of 3308 sq. ft. This results in a $150.00 charge.
When and how do I pay for my iGUIDE appointment?
  1. You pay via Credit Card at the time of booking.
  2. Any incremental charges (i.e. travel fees, exterior photo re-shoots, property is larger than initially paid for) will be charged to the same credit card, when we complete our month-end reconciliation (usually the first week of the following month).
What is the difference between "Regular Floor Plans" and "Detailed Floor Plans"?
  1. Both iGuide options include 360º views of all rooms, interactive floor plans, printable PDF floor plans, gross interior floor areas, on-screen measuring tool, feature sheet creator, search map, social media auto-posting, non-branded links and custom agent branding.
  2. Both options also include high-resolution HDR photos.
  3. ‘Detailed Floor Plans’ come with detailed PDF floor plans, which means on the PDF floor plans, it shows doors and the direction in which they open, and fixtures such as toilets, sinks and showers, as well as cabinetry.
How many photos do you take?

We guarantee at least one picture for each room in the home, including front and back exteriors. The total amount provided will be lower for condos/smaller living spaces, likewise the total may be more for larger homes.

Our general guidelines are:

  • up to 2500 sq ft – 30-40 photos
  • up to 3500 sq ft – 40-50 photos
  • up to 4500 sq ft – 50-60 photos
  • over 5000 sq ft – 60 photos +
How do I submit my Branding Information?
  1. You can provide your Branding details at the time of booking and attach your Brokerage Logo & Agent Headshot (only JPG or PNG files are accepted).
  2. You can provide all Branding details on the Customer Profile page as well.
  3. Or you can email your Branding details to CustomerCare@LooOKINside.com as well.
Can I edit my own iGUIDE?
  1. Sign-up here https://manage.youriguide.com/iguides/ and follow the instructions!
  2. We can provide our iGUIDE User Handbook, that can help you to manage and customize your iGuides, to get the most value from them! Our Handbook can also show you how to LOCK your properties yourself, once they have been SOLD!
How do I reschedule an appointment?
  1. You have to contact CustomerCare@LooOKINside.com to reschedule any appointments.
  2. There is a $25 fee for rescheduling any appointments before 5pm the day before the appointment.
  3. If after 5pm the day before the appointment, a $100 fee will apply.
  4. If you have an appointment booked on Monday, you must reschedule before 5pm on the Friday before, in order to avoid the $100 fee. This fee exists to cover administrative costs of moving the appointment, as well as lost opportunity costs because the time slot you took, may not be filled again.
What is your cancellation policy?
  1. If you are cancelling an appointment before 5pm the day before the shoot, a charge of $25 will be charged.
  2. If you are cancelling an appointment after 5pm the day before the shoot, it is considered a sameday cancellation, and a charge of $100 will be applied.
  3. If you have an appointment booked on Monday, you must reschedule before 5pm on the Friday before, in order to avoid the $100 fee. This fee is incurred to cover the administrative costs of moving the appointment out of the calendar, as well as lost revenue because that spot cannot be replaced with another appointment.

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