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iGUIDE Generated Real Estate Floor Plans

  • Drive more real estate sales in today’s digital age
  • Showcase your space with cutting edge technology
  • Gain insights on your visitors with additional analytics
  • Provide feature-rich floor flans with measurement capability


Details Buyers Love

Entice Buyers With Detailed House Floor Plans

Photos and videos are useful to show potential buyers the potential a home holds, but floor plans add a practical element to your listings. By offering both media and measurement tools to realtors, we have proven time and again that this service sells homes quicker and easier

Combine Floor Plans with Virtual Tours

It can be challenging to understand how a floor plan relates to a building, but when you combine a floor plan with a virtual tour, it adds extra navigational features. When you click on a room in the plan, the screen will change to show you the 3D model

Sell More With iGUIDE Floor Plan Creator

With iGuide technology, you don’t need to worry about measurements or specialist software because it’s all done for you. Whenever we take a photograph, the iGuide technology automatically creates a floor plan based on the images it receives.


Quick & Easy PDF House Floor Plans

Floor Plans and Virtual Tour Only – Start at $250

Floor Plan Creator with Measuring Tool

While most floor plans offer a brief glimpse of each room, we provide detailed plans that show a property’s size. When it comes to selling a house, an intricate plan can make all the difference. Additionally, our interactive virtual tours offer viewers measurement tools to accurately measure the space for furniture or other items.

Zero Hassle Real Estate Floor Plans

Save time and money with iGuide technology. Zero hassle, maximum impact floor plans can give your agency a distinct advantage against the competition. Imagine being able to create stunning floor plans to scale without having to lift a finger.

Innovative Multi Format Floor Plan Creator

Our floor plans are available in JPG, DXF, SVG and PDF formats to suit various devices. Each file is also downloadable and can be embedded on any webpage or uploaded to the MLS. When combined with a 3D tour, our floor plans show potential buyers the real value and scope of any property.

Floor Plans

Interactive as-built floor plans allow you to quickly navigate to the spaces you want to see

Property Details

Provides room measurements, dimensions and total square footage (m2) for space planning purposes

3D Immersive Tour

Virtually walk through a real word space to view conditions and easily locate critical assets

Measurement Tool

Take custom measurements anytime and anywhere


Option to include still photo for additional documentation

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The Markets We Service

  • Niagara Region
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  • Burlington
  • Milton
  • Oakville
  • Guelph
  • Cambridge
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Toronto
  • York Region
  • Orangeville/Caledon
  • Sudbury
  • Kitchener/Waterloo

Other areas are available upon request.